The Mythical Dating Formula

If love is a line, than there is a formula that describes said line. Meet.  Fall in Love.  Get engaged.  Have a Pinterest inspired wedding with mason jars and burlap decorations.  Quickly.

You get points for how holy of a place you meet the love of your life.  Ideally, you would meet at a church function or on the campus of your Christian school. Bible studies, Christian fellowship groups, and church camps also rank extremely high on the list.

Let’s ignore the obvious fact that due to His sovereignty, God can bring people together at any time or place.  We accept divine help in friendships and ‘coincidences” but not in romantic relationships.  That would be too much.

True love means falling for each other instantly. I mean, isn’t it always how it works?  The longer you wait, the more reasons to question the intensity of the relationship.  After all, you only have one shot at this love game, so you better grab at love while you can. 

As soon as you both are sure, you’ll need to get started on the wedding planning.  You aren’t getting any younger, you know.  If you wait too long, the wedding trends might change again. Also, it is practically a rule that you be married and settled down by 25.  (Oops, let's pretend this "rule" doesn't exist since it would involve time travel and that just gets messy.)

 Besides, your parents really want grandchildren.

In case you couldn’t tell, I was being more than a little sarcastic.


Some couples really do fall in love at camp.  Sometimes it does really last forever. 

Sometimes, you return home at the end of the summer with lots of matching tees and bathing suits that all turned a murky brown.

Sometimes you fall in love in college.  Sometimes it is great.  Sometimes, things fall apart and the last few weeks of Bible study get awkward for everyone.

There really is no formula.  Each love story is as unique as the two individuals involved.  Formulas don’t always work in math, so why would they work in something as fickle and complex as the heart?

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